Sunday, August 8, 2010

Willow Spa; An Urban Oasis

This morning my lovely boss, Liz, took her harem of assistants to Willow Spa - a tranquil oasis nestled between two office buildings on Santa Monica Blvd. After a busy several weeks in the office, Liz decided to treat us all to a morning of relaxation and massages! We all arrived giggling like it was Christmas morning, so excited to be together for fun. After filling out information forms, changing into our spa attire and sliding on our Zendals, we were greeted by one of the massage therapists carrying a tray of ginger tea!

Liz, Terry, me & Mary Ellen enjoying our ginger tea pre-massage!

Carolyn, Corrinne, Liz, Terry, me, Mary Ellen, Cassandra

Cassandra soaking her feet before the massages!

After a moment of relaxation in their Zen garden, each of our massage therapists brought a wooden bowl full of warm water, grapefruit slices and flower petals to soak our feet before the massage. After a brief yet relaxing foot treatment, we were off to our private rooms for an hour of bliss!
The group post-massage - every felt so relaxed!

Our Sunday morning massages were much appreciated. It was so nice to be with the women I work with on a daily basis and spend some time as friends. I felt so lucky to be in their company and hope we make a habit of spending more time - out of the hectic office - together!

Thank you, Liz!

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