Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Black Clutch

I've been on the hunt for a LBC (Little Black Clutch) for quite some time now and have found little to be desired. I am in that transitional phase of life coming from the days of the all-purpose-purse into the status of accessorizing and swapping handbags. This, of course, leads to the my-lipgloss-is-in-the-other-purse moments and the my-cell-phone-won't-fit fiascos, but I feel ready to take the extra time and appear more grown up.

I bought a fabulous gold clutch for my rehearsal dinner and wear it all the time with warm colors, but have been on the lookout for a silver or black one to unite with the other half of my wardrobe. In my search, I have been disappointed to find very expensive items that I simply cannot justify price - especially since I get dressed up in an outfit that requires a coordinating clutch all of once every sixty to ninety days. I had all but given up until I came across this beauty (pictured above) in Target, of all places! I'd like to intrude - standing 5 inches tall and a hefty 10.5 inches long, at only $16.99 - the Merona Clutch, my newest adult accessory. Aint she a beaut?!

This just goes to show that with a little patience - and a trip down Target's handbag isle - you can have whatever you want!

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