Thursday, August 5, 2010


As I've mentioned before, it's been years (13 to be exact) since I've eaten red meat. What started out as a political statement has morphed into a lifestyle I never felt the need to change. Until now. Last weekend, during my first acupuncture experience, Gretchen (our dear friend and now personal acupuncturist), did a diagnosis of my tongue. That's right. She read my tongue. Now, some of you may not believe in Eastern medicine and things like energies and signs from the body, but I do. And when - by merely looking at my tongue - Gretchen diagnosed some of my key issues, I was a convert.

Gretchen: Oh, wow. Okay.
Me: Omigosh, what?! What is it??
Gretchen: Are you tired a lot of the time?
Me: Yes, I could nap at any second. After I wake from a night's sleep, after a nap, after anything.
Gretchen: Do you wake up feeling energized?
Me: No...
Gretchen: Do you eat red meat?
Me: No...
Gretchen: Would you consider eating red meat if I said it might help with some of these symptoms of fatigue?
Me: Yes...

She went on to explain that most tongues are a deep, healthy pinky red color (like the color of red meat) and how mine was pale in comparison. She then took my pulse on both hands and said my pulse connected to my kidneys, etc. was extremely low resulting in my low energy levels.

So now I'm at a crossroads. To eat or not to eat? I asked her about taking a pill supplement and she said that although it would be better than nothing, there is nothing like the real thing. Certain enzymes and hormones just can't be replicated in a vitamin tablet. Could it be that my constant need to nap (my 13 year state of feeling tired and worn out) could have all been avoided if I had indulged at In-N-Out burger once a month?

This is a lot to think about....

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