Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Brunch and Acupuncture

This morning we went to an old standby, Interim Cafe, with our friends Gretchen and Ashir. Ashir and Brian work at together and Gretchen and I are wives. So Mad Men of us, I know. Interim is a favorite for both couples as they specialize in the healthy and natural foods, but we had actually never been there together so this was a nice treat!

Gretchen is finishing her last year of school to become an acupuncturist and after brunch we begged her to practice her skills on us. This was my first acupuncture experience and I must say it was awesome! Gretchen "needled" us in her home - I relaxed on the bed and Brian took the couch. We each had an opportunity to discuss with Gretchen our areas upon which we'd like to focus and then roughly 20 minutes of relaxation once the appropriate needles were in place. Gretchen made us mint tea and explained every step along the way. She was such a gracious hostess and we appreciate her company and services! :)

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