Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stefan's on Montana

California Halibut
(Served with vegetable-potato coulis and thyme & champagne sauce)

Truffled Turkey Burger
(On a pretzel bun with swiss cheese, arugula & sweet potato fries)

Tonight, The Santa Monica Luskeys enjoyed a lovely dinner at Stefan's on Montana. We have dined at Stefan's before - a few times for brunch and a few times for dinner. The food is always outrageously delicious and the service is always outrageously terrible. Tonight, however, the food was fabulous (as expected) and our waitress was not only adorable but somewhat attentive! This was a pleasant surprise because we have actually had the pleasure of being waited on by said waitress and have actually had the following conversation:

Me: How's the Crab Cake Benedict?
Waitress: It's an english muffin with a crab cake and an egg on top.
Me: No, not what is it, how is it?
Waitress: Yeah, it also comes with hollandaise sauce.
Me: Okay, nevermind. I'll just give it a shot.

Sheesh. Right?

Anyway, tonight she was much better helping to guide us through the specials and house favorites. We started with the Golden Beet Salad (featuring arugula, cucumber and an herb vinaigrette) and then split the Truffled Turkey Burger and the California Halibut (both pictured above). We arrived armed with our $25 gift certificate and left completely satisfied and energized just in time to catch sunset on our post-dinner walk home.

Ah, the good life!

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