Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Garmajesty: Princess of Navigation

One of the very first things Brian and I owned together was a GARMIN. It was like our first child and we took care of her as such - naming her ("Garmy" - creative, I know), removing her from the windshield on hot days and updating her programming regularly. About a year into her life (and several trips, including our honeymoon, later) Garmy's health began to fade. She would reroute unnecessarily, refuse to listen when we typed in addresses and sometimes decide to take naps during confusing routes. What can I say, like mother, like daughter.

Still learning Los Angeles and now our beloved Santa Monica, we decided to replace Garmy with a new addition when she passed. We decided to name our second, Garmajesty after the late Michael Jackson's nephew, Jermajesty, and in his honor we pronounce her name the same way even though it's spelled differently.

Garmajesty, like all new family members, took her time getting used to us. Like her predecessor, she would take her time finding satellite signal and would often tell me to turn left when she really meant right. But we were patient and now Garmajesty has earned the privilege of going on family trips, etc.

Yesterday, however, when I was on my way to my second callback (woohoo!) Garmajesty decided to play a little trick on Mommy. My callback was near the Burbank airport (which I've been to a million times and should have just let Garmajesty have the morning off) I decided to allow Garmajesty into the celebration of my morning success and guide me to victory. For those of you familiar with the journey from Santa Monica to Burbank, you know that they are not close, but fairly easy to connect via roughly 35 highways. What I would have done was taken I-10 East to I-405 North (or "the 405") to US-101 South to CA-134 East and then followed some side streets to my destination. Garmajesty, however, thought it wise to take me on a tour of Los Angeles via I-10 East, exit La Brea somehow get onto Highland, Cahuenga Pass, Barham Blvd., Olive Ave, bla bla bla...

Bad, Garmajesty.

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