Friday, August 27, 2010

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Two days ago, on my "day off" from work, (I say "day off" because I work on a freelance basis so sometimes I have more than one day off and sometimes none at all) I decided to get a manicure and pedicure. I like to get my nails done before big events or time with my family. I guess it's my subconscious way of showing them how well I take care of myself when they aren't around.

Anyway, I decided to really treat myself and get a manicure and pedicure since it had been so long since I had taken care of either. I discovered a little place on Main Street called Zumaniwhich gets mixed reviews, but offers a killer deal - $20 for manicure and pedicure. They have great massage chairs and an impressive selection of gossip magazines. The way the salon is set up actually allows for the oh-so-luxurious, simultaneous mani/pedi: the multi-tasker's dream! The catch of the low price, however, is they strategically try to tack on hidden fees, so buyer be ware. Want me to remove the callouses on your feet? ($5.00) Want me to rub your neck a little longer? ($5.00) Want me to use exfoliating scrub? ($5.00) Want special quick try polish on top? ($5.00)

After my standard (how plebeian, I know) manicure/pedicure, I left Zumani feeling ready for the weekend ahead! Until about an hour later when I realized my manicurist didn't do such a hot job on my cuticles (after I had asked her twice to really "get in there"). Maybe she thought I meant paint over my cuticles? As anyone can imagine who has ever received a decent manicure, if the nail polish gets on the cuticle or surrounding skin, when the skin is moved, it can move the paint - off of your fingernail. I went to bed hoping for the best, but when I woke I was disappointed to see my time spent (and hard earned money - I don't care if its $20 or $200, I had feeling like I didn't get what I paid for) was all for nothing. My manicure was ruined.

So, believe it or not, I marched right back into Zumani the very next day and had the following conversation:

Me: Hi! I was here yesterday and got a manicure & pedicure and this is what my nails look like today. (I placed my hands on the reception counter.)
Host: Um, did you want to get a polish change?
Me: No, I want the manicure I paid for and since it's been less than 24 hours I want you to redo it.
Host: Well, who did this? Which manicurist?
Me: Oh, I have no idea. (I didn't want to begin to describe her since the business is Vietnamese owned/operated and all employees wear the same outfit. I knew I'd be treading on thin ice...)
Host: Well, can you go find the person who did your manicure yesterday? She can redo it.
Me: No. I don't want to get anyone in trouble and I want someone who is really good at cuticles. (Clearly she is not!)
Host: Okay. I'll do it!

The host, Jack, did an excellent job and took great care in removing every last cuticle he could spot. I appreciated his patience and professionalism. He had the power to turn that situation into an uncomfortable one - for both of us - and I will now go back (but not on Mondays because that is Jack's day off) for my next pampering session!

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