Monday, August 16, 2010


This past Sunday, The Santa Monica Luskeys enjoyed a delicious brunch at Huckleberry Cafe. Although we've passed this adorable bakery/cafe a million times we have never been inside and what we found when we entered was an awesome surprise! The case in the above picture was the first thing I saw and immediately I felt at home. I would have been fine having a few items from the bakery case, but Brian reminded me that wouldn't have been the healthiest idea so I ordered the cured salmon sandwich with a side salad. (And a caramel latte pictured below.)

I love it when coffee houses make artistic designs in the latte foam. It makes it feel so special, especially since I don't always treat myself to a coffee drink when out to brunch. I'm trying not to drink too much caffeine (something I have been "trying" to do for several years now) so the easiest way to do that is ex-nay on the offee-cay. However, when I do order coffee I do so in the form of a non-fat, decaf latte or cappuccino (no flavors, no sweeteners, the smallest size available). My days in Florence (when I studied abroad my junior year) introduced me to the art of drinking cappuccinos, but I save them for when I have the time to savor and enjoy them. Just my own way of taking the time to smell the roses... and roasts!

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