Sunday, August 15, 2010

White Linen Nights

Last night The Santa Monica Luskeys attended a themed housewarming party thrown by one of our friends who just moved to our old 'hood, West Hollywood.

The theme was White Linen Nights and everything from the flowers to the food to the drinks was in full New Orleans motif. The menu featured muffalettas (and a veggie freindly version of the olive tapenade topped sandwich), hominy salad with edamame and fresh peppers, a creamy and indulgent shrimp dip and beautiful strawberries and blackberries for dessert... or so I thought. It was half way through the night of munching on the Na'Leans fare and sipping on my Pimm's Cup when the home made cheesecake and carrot cake were revealed!

The hostess requested that her guests wear white in honor of the party's theme - check us out (in the above picture) in all white! It was fun to go to a themed party, fun to meet new people and hear about their LA experience (which is somewhat unique to LA - the whole "what has your LA experience been?" conversation), and then finally returning to our treasured Santa Monica.

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