Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"...To being able to do this!"

My brother, Michael, is a competitive breed. He is stubborn, a know-it-all and will fight to the death when he believes he is right. He is also the most loyal friend, the best listener, he puts his family first and is extremely patient and loving. Ladies...?!

This past weekend was his first trip to Austin since we've moved back to Texas. Michael is a lover of all things music and seeing how we now live in the "live music capital of the world" we might as well go ahead and start calling our guest room "Michael's Room." His visit was short - less than 24 hours to be exact - but so much fun. On Saturday night eight of us (all cousins, plus one best friend) went to dinner and over queso and 'ritas Michael proposed this toast,

"To Brian and Kimberly moving to Austin
and to us being able to do this!"

After dinner we planned to go see some bands, but got carried away catching up back at our apartment. Before we knew it the bars were closed and the shows were over. We planned a TacoFest breakfast for the following morning. Teams were assigned to various breakfast taco destinations across Austin and all would meet back at our apartment to share their loot! At that point, Michael challenged me to a Bloggers' Duel as we both have blogs and both love to post pictures of the food we eat. Michael did such a great job of capturing the entire weekend on his blog, I've decided to share the link to his blog instead of attempting to repost his pictures and concoct more cleaver captions.

We love that we not only have so many friends already in Austin, but so many cousins. We love that we are close enough for family to visit us, but far enough to create our own life. In short, we love "being able to do this."

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