Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Are Y'all Seniors?"

Today was Day #4 of my 30 Day Challenge and I am already seeing the benefits of taking the time to smell the roses. Markley was in one of her moods this morning (you know the kind of mood a gal gets in when she feels like biting and peeing everywhere) which made it easy for me to leave the house on the early side. I had an appointment to look at a house which ended up being a disappointment, but it always helps to see what's out there!

I had lunch with a new, old friend. It's funny, our paths have been eerily similar for most of our lives, but not until recently did we became closer friends. Both of our respective parents met and fell in love at Tulane University and we both followed in their footsteps marrying our college sweethearts only after pursuing an ever-controversial artistic major and studying abroad in Florence, Italy. We have both lived in Chicago and Los Angeles and now call Austin home. So she's a new friend that I've had all along - the best kind! She is starting her own interior design business (an excellent resource as a future new home owner) so we've bonded over the woes of taking a risk and trusting your strengths in a world of predetermined pathways.

After lunch, I picked up my cousin, Mollie, from the airport (yes when I married Brian we combined forces and became related to the entire world so it will be rare/difficult for me to write a blog post without the word cousin) and drove her to my cousin (see, did it again) Sarah's dorm for a fun intro-to-college weekend. As we were riding up the elevator to tour Sarah's room, she ran into a friend of hers to whom she politely introduced us and explained our visit. The friend couldn't have been sweeter when she asked, "Oh fun! Are y'all seniors?"

"No," I said, "But thank you." The 30 Day Challenge is working!

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