Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

The Austin Luskeys spent this past weekend at Fox Creek Ranch, our family's vacation home near Richards, TX. This was Markley's first time at the Ranch and off leash - I think it's safe to say she's a country dog at heart. She loved digging and chasing her doggie-aunt, Tootsie, and going on our morning walks. I mean, who wouldn't want to walk a mile and then be carried by her Mama the remaining three miles. Let's just say I got the best workout of the bunch - carrying an 8.2 pound hot water bottle on a dirt road in Texas ain't easy!

The best part of the weekend, aside from celebrating Jamie's 24th birthday, spending quality time with my grandmothers, brother, aunt, cousin and parents and sleeping in while others watched our baby, was finally getting the CD of our wedding weekend pictures! That's right, folks, the Austin Luskeys have been married for a whopping 32 months and are just now in possession of the professional pictures taken at our rehearsal dinner and wedding. I am so excited to finally make a rehearsal dinner album and print/display pictures from our skinniest days wedding weekend. Until now, the only evidence of our marriage was our Ketubah and a larger-than-life, bridal portrait of yours truly that my parents insisted on delivering during their first visit to Austin.

No, the above picture was not taking over the weekend at the Ranch. It was captured on August 30, 2008 during the cocktail hour of our rehearsal dinner, the evening before we became Mr. and Mrs. Brian Daniel Luskey. I'll be sure to post favorites as I re-live the moments sorting through all 5,000 images.

And to those who are interested, I did keep up my 30 Day Challenge at the Ranch - minus the blogging, forgive me, the Ranch is sans internet. Today is Day #9 and am still as motivated as I was last Monday. This morning, I took Markley on a long walk (even though it was drizzling), had lunch with my cousin, Emily, at an adorable build-your-own salad bar and am now off to run some errands while my sleepy puppy naps away the afternoon. I think the 30 Day Challenge is even working on the monster Markley!

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