Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day #2 & #3

Nothin' keeps a mind, body & soul recharge up to speed like a trip to Lake Austin Spa! My cousins Emily, Sarah and I drove the short, 30 minute, scenic route northwest to join my Aunt Polly for a spa treatment and ladies lunch. I couldn't have been more in heaven.

Lake Austin Spa has a special place in my heart for many reasons. First, it is the inspiration and birthplace of our beloved Shabby Chic Spa. It was because of their expansive remodel (and omission of adding more overnight guest rooms) that we no longer hold our annual summer spa weekends at an official spa. We had to shabby chic our event to continue the tradition while - to quote my Grandma - "staying out of the poorhouse." Second, the grounds of the spa are simply breathtaking. From the stepping stone walkways to the floral filled canopies to the lakeside setting, Lake Austin Spa really is an oasis not to be missed. The last time I visited Lake Austin Spa was 2003, shortly before their grand remodel and coincidentally the summer before our first Shabby Chic Spa Weekend. This year will be our 8th Shabby Chic with a grand total of 22 eligible attendees. So I guess, in hindsight, I'm glad they added a multimillion dollar spa and didn't think to add anything else - it opened the door for some intense, female, familial bonding with full fat cookies and high fructose corn syrup daiquiris!

Aside from being with my cousins and aunt in arguably Austin's most beautiful waterfront haven, I was also inspired by the decor and food. The below picture features a sophisticated yet whimsical mobile showcasing delicately beaded dragonflies. This picture doesn't really do it justice, so look for more in about 3-5 years when something very similar is hanging in our future child's nursery.

My lunch was as delicious as it was healthy and a great reminder that good food doesn't have to be smothered in queso and/or deep fried. My sandwich featured smoked chicken, avocado, walnut and arugula pesto and heirloom tomatoes, served on homemade grain-and-nut-filled bread and garnished with fresh lentil salad. Buon appetito!

Yesterday was without a doubt a day filled with fueling the mind, body and soul simultaneously. Today was more about being a mother to Markley which in many ways is equally satisfying. Markley got her second (of four) round of vaccines and slept like a baby the entire afternoon. This gave me some much needed time (without her literally yapping at my heels) to catch up on household duties, make a downright delicious dinner, email/blog and even have extra time to check out our weekly local farmer's market!

And for the record, I did blog yesterday, I just haven't published that story yet - stay tuned, it's a good one. So I'm still good on my challenge. Thanks to all who've checked in and supported me - keep reading and I'll keep writing!

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