Thursday, January 20, 2011

We're Movin' to Austin!!

The Santa Monica Luskeys are thrilled to announce...

Yes, it's true, we will be packing our bags and leaving Santa Monica: where it all began. Below are some FAQ and our most honest answers:

Q: Why are you moving to Austin?
A: Excellent question. Brian was offered a fantastic job at a "social commerce" company in Austin. This particular job at this particular company was a perfect fit and combined with his passion for online deal-hunting, well, it was just too good to be true. So, Austin, here we come!

Q: When are you moving?
A: Funny you should ask. This entire process has been a whirlwind adventure at lightning speed! Brian's first interview was on January 4, his second interview was on January 18 (he was offered the job precisely 14 minutes after leaving the building) and his first day of work will be February 28.

Q: Where will you live?
A: Another hilarious question! Neither one of us knows Austin particularly well (translation: at all) but we do plan to travel to Austin at some point in February to scope out neighborhoods and pick a place to hang our hats. It's one of our family goals to be homeowners, so we'll try to find as short of a lease as possible to expedite that process!

Q: But, Kimberly, what will you do?
A: The truth is, I don't know. I am thrilled and scared and excited and in shock and thankful that I have the luxury of time to figure it out. My Mom always reminds me that my list of dreams is a mile long so I'll have to take the time to figure out which dream I want to attempt next. Yes, this feels like a chapter ending for me in terms of my acting career. I will most likely not be starring on a hit sitcom based in Austin, but I'm excited to see which door opens as this one appears to close. I don't know what it is that I'll do, but I know it'll be fabulous and I know I'll share my journey in figuring it out along the way.

Q: Will we still be The Santa Monica Luskeys?
A: For now, one major life change at a time is about all we can handle. We will remain the Santa Monica Luskeys and, in time, if it's appropriate, our family blog might get a new name.

2011 has already been overwhelmingly full of new and exciting changes. We're keeping our fingers crossed that our good luck doesn't run out anytime soon. We thank you for your love and support and promise to do our best to keep Austin weird.

Hook 'Em,
The Santa Monica Luskeys


  1. praying for your move... blessings galore, Wallyce

  2. Congratulations! Blessings for a smooth transition, James.

  3. Can't wait to hang with you guys! Austin, here they come!

  4. Kimberly!!!! I'll miss seeing you at work. Wow, what a shock to hear of your departure. Working at 200 South won't be the same without you. I am happy for the both of you to be on a new journey, I am sure you will succeed no matter where you live.

    Keep posting updates so we can all see what you are doing in Austin.

    All the best,