Saturday, January 8, 2011

Obsessive Calendar Filler Outer

Whenever I feel overwhelmed and/or excited about my current situation and/or impending change, I find myself drawing (oh, yes, with a ruler and a pen) calendars, filling them out, starting over and re-filling them out. (Reminder: This post's title is Obsessive Calendar Filler Outer.) Now, I am fully aware that this neither makes sense nor helps any situation, but for some reason staring at a calendar and counting my chickens before they hatch (and hypothetical-izing different possible combinations of said hatchings) somehow calms the old neurotic brain. Maybe it's the act of drawing the lines that I find soothing or memorizing the dates and events so that I am somehow in charge of them as their all-knowing master. Either way, I do it. It works.

CONFESSION CORNER: The unfortunate part of having a blog is the desire to shareeverything combined with the reality that some things are private and not meant to be blasted into the blogosphere the moment they occur. Spoiler alert: 2011 is going to be OUR year!

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