Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

The Santa Monica Luskeys spent the past 12 days between Houston and the Ranch and although most people would say spending 288 non-stop hours with your family (or in Brian's case, with your in-laws) would be a bit exhausting and/or overwhelming, all I can think of is how I wish we were still there. Since our second year of dating, we have spent Christmas/New Years with the Harbergs. The first 5 years were spent on action packed real sea cruises and the past 3 have been what we lovingly refer to as "land cruises" - a staycation filled with "sea days" and excursions alike. Just like a real cruise, the days we deem "sea days" are full of relaxing, movie watching, puzzling, eating, taking an ungodly amount of time to get ready for dinner simply because you can and, oh yeah, eating. On the contrary, on the days we "dock" for excursions we are up and at 'em and take full advantage of the many exciting (and drivable) tourist destinations the greater-Houston area has to offer.

Harberg Family Land Cruise Excursions
Messina Hoff Winery Tour & Dinner (Bryan)
Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory Tour (Brenham)
Moody Gardens Aquarium (Galveston)
Texas State Penitentiary Museum (Huntsville)
Texas Bowl @ Reliant Stadium (Houston)
Harberg Family Portrait (Houston)
George H. Bush Presidential Library Tour (College Station)
Chef's Table Dinner at Le Mistral (Houston)

Picture highlights from The 3rd Annual Harberg Family Land Cruise coming soon!

I find it only fitting that my first blog post for 2011 be a day late. Among my many resolutions for 2011 (more to come on this subject later...) is to relax and enjoy the moments as they happen - to really take in the detail and relish in all the good. Unfortunately, my beloved reader, that means there might longer gaps between posts. I promise not to make a habit of it, but know if it's been a while since my last update I am simply seizing the day. Or, attempting to, at least!

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