Monday, January 24, 2011

I and Love and You

It seems like a year has gone by since Tuesday when we decided to move to Austin. My head is spinning with coordinating this move and finishing my last week at work and actually coming to terms with what this move really means in the big picture of my life. It is a bittersweet transition that I haven't even begun the process of processing. And to risk sounding like Molly Shannon's Superstar character, Mary Katherine Gallagher, who can only describe how she feels through song lyrics and iconic movie monologues...

The Avett Brothers seem to have said it best,

"Load the car and write the note.
Grab your bag and grab your coat.
Tell the ones that need to know.
We are headed north east.

One foot in and one foot back.
But it don’t pay to live like that.
So I cut the ties and I jumped the track.
For never to return.

Ahh Brooklyn Austin, Brooklyn Austin take me in.
Are you aware the shape I’m in?
My hands they shake, my head it spins.
Ahh Brooklyn Austin, Brooklyn Austin take me in."

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