Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meeting Baby L!

Aunt Kimberly & Uncle Brian meeting Baby L!

This weekend, the Santa Monica Luskeys met our precious niece, Baby L! We will henceforth be referring to this little love nugget as Baby L to protect her privacy. She is so sweet and snuggly, here are some pictures from our 24 hour visit with the newest Luskey:

Uncle Brian holding Baby L for the first time!

Aunt Kim and Baby L, holding hands at lunch.

Baby L, her proud parents, Dallas & the Santa Monica Luskeys

Snuggle time...

Whose pout is bigger?


Saying goodbye to Baby L...

We loved meeting Baby L and getting that special time with her while she's still so tiny. It breaks our hearts knowing we are moving away from her and inevitably will miss out on her early milestones. We hope to be the Aunt & Uncle that love her from afar and spoil her rotten when we do get time together. Thank goodness we have the Southwest Companion Pass!

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