Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whitney's Wonderful Wedding Weekend

This past weekend, the Santa Monica Luskeys were in Dallas for a very special occasion -Whitney and Chris's wedding weekend! (And since I took so many pictures I want to share, I will try to limit this post to pictures and detailed captions.)

We flew into Dallas Friday morning and after my cousin, Mac, picked us up from the airport (and we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for an afternoon snack), we checked into the hotel where we received the above (homemade by the bride and groom) chocolates and itinerary! A fabulous way kick off the weekend!
The rehearsal dinner was so fun - an intimate evening of close friends, family and out of town guests full of heartfelt speeches and fabulous food! The above picture was snapped before we entered the restaurant for the cocktail hour.
The above picture was clearly taken after the cocktail hour had begun. My siblings with our cousin Natalie (who is married to the bride's brother).
Natalie, Brian, Whitney (the bride!!) and me during the cocktail hour.
Our menu and place card -
both designed by our beautiful and talented cousin, Natalie!
The above picture is an example of what I might
look like if I was a cartoon character without a nose.

Sunday morning was the pre-wedding brunch. The bride was present for the first hour and the groom, the second. Good thing we made it on the bride's way out! I blame the time difference...
What else would a die hard Cowboys fan do on his one day in Dallas? The tours were sold out, but we did get a great view of the parking lot, lobby and gift shop!
What else does one do when you've already driven 20 minutes out of the way? Drive another 20! We went to visit Luskey's Western Store and it was fantastic.
The *Original* Luskey Brothers
This picture is hanging in the main room of Luskey's.
I thought this sign was pretty hilarious.
I love my Dad.

The wedding ceremony was absolutely breathtaking. Whitney's dress was stunning, she looked perfect and all twelve of her bridesmaids were glowing. It was such a special day, we felt so lucky to witness it all! We took the above picture on the way into the reception.
I love this idea!
The entry table featured wedding portraits of the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom. (My Mimi and Grandaddy's wedding picture is the second one from the left.)
The Groom's Cake:
A replica of Chris's family ranch where the couple got engaged!
The Wedding Cake:
It was as delicious as it was beautiful.
Each layer was a different flavor!
The bride and groom were so adorable. Whitney is such a doll and Chris was the smiliest groom I think I've ever seen. It was such a treat to see how excited and happy they were.
The first dance!
So the band started singing Proud Mary and to get the guests involved, the lead singer (far left) came into the crowd. She held out the microphone for some audience participation and Jamie stepped forward to belt out, "Rollin'! Rollin'! Rollin' on a riv-ah!" Little did she know, Jamie was could actually sing and two choruses and a verse later Jamie was an official member of the band - no really, they made an announcement and the crowd went wild. I think someone caught this on their video camera, so stay tuned for a video post ASAP.
The bouquet toss was precious. Whitney turned around and floated the flowers to her younger sister, Leigh. The below picture was their father's reaction.

After brunch with the Harbergs and Berens, Grandma Rosalie (pictured above), Drew, and Carla & Michael and we went estate sale shopping. This is Grandma sitting in the "Shofar Chair."
After the estate sale and a visit at Grandma's apartment, Drew, Brian and I walked around Uptown before it was time to head to the airport. We did some window shopping and refueled with some fro-yo and on the way to the car I snapped the above picture. Only in Texas...

Whitney's wedding weekend was wonderful. (Say that 3 times fast.) Thank you, Whitney & Chris for including us in your wedding. We love you!

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