Monday, October 4, 2010

Fantasy Basketball Brings a Family Together

Before the other half of the Santa Monica Luskeys gets ahead of himself, let me clarify the title of this blog post. IF fantasy basketball must be a part of our marriage (and being married to Brian means it will not only be a third party, but an active participant) then it might as well also bring us closer to family. And for the past two years it has!

This past weekend, Brian's fantasy basketball draft took place at Fox Creek Ranch, the Harberg family ranch located an hour and a half north of Houston. This means the Santa Monica Luskeys (along with eleven of Brian's fellow league managers) flew into Houston Thursday night for a weekend of fun. Since ladies are not invited encouraged to attend the draft, I had a welcomed weekend with my family in Houston.

Friday I got to spend the morning and early afternoon with my Mom. We had lunch at Island Smoothie & Juice Bar and enjoyed their delicious salmon salads and then looked as some gorgeous real estate. (Work for my Mom, daydreaming time for yours truly.) Friday evening we all attended My Table Magazine's 26th annual Caesar Salad Competition. After dinner we enjoyed some delicious, fall inspired desserts at my cousin, Erica's new apartment. It is so cute and grown up - am I old enough for her to be in law school?!

Check out some of the stations from the Caesar Salad Competition:

The above "Food Truck" was the winner of the
Best Creative Salad & Best Presentation awards!

A family favorite: Ouisie's Table caesar salad
toasts with crab and deviled eggs!

Not the most delicious, but certainly creative!
(Ceasar salad panna cotta over greens served on a parmesan crisp.)

Saturday I received a makeup lesson by the fabulous Donna Abate (who applied my makeup for not only my sixth birthday glamour shots party, but also our wedding) and then met one of my oldest and dearest friends (and bridesmaid) Esther for brunch at Kenny & Ziggy's. Esther invited me to join her later that afternoon to look at bridal gowns and I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity! That evening, Michael and I met up with Mimi and Grandma for dinner and a show at Stages.

Michael's dinner & show dates!
(photo credit: Michael A. Harberg)

Sunday morning Michael, (aunt) Tracy and I went to brunch at an oldie, but a goodie - Fountain View Cafe. Although it took an hour to get our food, the weather was spectacular and, thanks to my catlike reflexes, we were able to snag a table outside!

That afternoon, Brian came back from the ranch and Mom & Dad returned from New Orleans (they had gone to New Orleans for 24 hours for a wedding) all around 2:00pm. We had lupper (late lunch, early supper) including caprese salad and a veggie lasagna featuring basil from my Mom's garden!

Some herbs from Mom's garden!

This basil is out of control!

Brian always accuses me of only wanting to move to Houston after a long weekend there. I argue that I always want to be close to my family and am doing my darnedest to get back as soon as humanly possible. We're inching our way back, but in the meantime enjoying life 14 blocks from the beach!

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