Saturday, October 9, 2010

May I have another piece of paper, please?

Growing up, I was the little girl who always asked for another piece of paper. If it wasn't perfect, I wanted a re-do. This hasn't changed in my adulthood. I like things to be perfect (my version of perfect, anyway) and have a hard time shaking it off when things aren't exactly how I hope/plan for them to be. I have an all-or-nothing personality, so I'd rather not do or try than not finish or fail.

My cousin, fellow blogger, and Mommy-to-be, Jenny, describes herself in the following way:

"I hate having nothing to do…so become overambitious and end up with way too much to do which makes me want to be lazy. Love to decorate, but never have the money. I love fashion forward trends, but usually dress classic. I love to cook, but it has to be easy. I always want to do some type of craft project, but never know where to start. I love making money, and spending it. I love reading, but only if it takes me to a far off land. I love the feeling after working out, but don’t always get to the gym. Love my husband of 2 ½ years. Love my two pups. Love my life."

Don't think I could have said it better myself! I relate so much to the way she explains life's yin and yang. I, too, hate the feeling of not having projects or exciting opportunities on the horizon, so I think of various business ventures to occupy my time and then don't have enough time to give any of them the attention I feel they deserve. I love change and updating our home, but know there is value in routine and consistency (in addition to saving the money). I always have brilliant ideas for recovering chairs, or making adorable signs for babies or decorating pumpkins, but honestly have a hard time seeing each project through to the end because of the pressure I put on myself for each project to be perfect. I love working - especially when I'm working hard and that hard work is being appreciated - and love to be able to spend (on myself, on Brian or on our home) knowing I worked hard for that money. I never loved reading at as child, but am finally learning to love the escape. I love books that make me feel, that's my only requirement. I love working out, but going back to the whole all or nothing personality flaw thingy, don't always get to the good ole gym. I love my husband - more each day. I wish we had a dog, but can wait for that. And yes, life is good.

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