Monday, October 25, 2010

Grandma in LA!

October has been a busy and exciting month for the Santa Monica Luskeys - hence our blogging delinquency - but we are happy to report the events that kept us from blogging were all wonderful times with family!

I am also proud to report that Grandma (Mallory Robinson) made her triumphant return to the greater Los Angeles area (after swearing off visiting "The Golden State" after a fall resulting in a broken wrist 11 years ago) and the Santa Monica Luskeys were the sole reason for her visit!

The vacation (for Grandma, stay-cation for us) began Thursday evening at Nate 'N Al's - as all good vacations do - with a Westwood on Rye, side of House dressing, a bowl of mushroom barley soup and a tortilla brei. Over dinner we thanked Grandma for her two year anniversary gift that she and Mimi had given to us (a maid service!) and it was uncovered that the Santa Monica Luskeys did not have the proper cleaning supplies for said service. Well, as you can imagine, that would not suffice!

Friday morning Grandma and I spent several hours searching for the perfect cleaning ammo. We filled a bucket with every item a housekeeper could ever dream of - and some. After our morning hunt, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Mecca Trader Joe's! Grandma is a huge fan of Trader Joe's tuna fish so I had to snap the below picture for posterity.
Even though I've been to Trader Joe's 1.7 million times, I still feel like a three year old in a pretend grocery store the minute I walk through the automatic door. Every item is Trader Joe's brand (or Trader Jose, Trader Giotto, Trader Ming, etc.) and most are cleverly packaged versions of national brand best sellers. Brian joined us for a light Italian lunch at Fritto Misto followed by some more shopping and a visit to (Aunt) Tracy's friend's (Diana & Steve) home for a tour and afternoon chat! The weather was unfortunately and uncharacteristically lousy so (of course) the drivers were even more terrible than usual resulting in more time spent in the car between errands. This gave Grandma and I more time to visit which I know we both loved.

Friday evening we dined at Rustic Canyon. Grandma, Tracy, Daniel Lack, Steve & Diana and the Santa Monica Luskeys enjoyed a family style dinner of sustainable and organic deliciousness. I didn't take any pictures of our food because (a) the lighting was very low in the restaurant and (b) the food was devoured within 30 seconds of it being set on our table. But trust me, it was equally delicious and beautiful.

Saturday morning we brunched at FIG, since Grandma was staying at the Fairmont, and, as always, it was fantastic. Grandma got the 2 eggs, bacon and toast, I ordered the house cured salmon plate, Brian opted for the chilaquiles and Daniel enjoyed the corn beef hash. Saturday afternoon was devoted to walking/shopping the Third Street Promenade, Farmer's Market and Santa Monica Place. Although it sprinkled, we had a great day just being together.

Gorgeous berries from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Grandma takes each grandchild to DC for their 10th birthday.
This is what I imagine Brian's trip with Grandma
would have looked like if he had been born her grandchild.

We couldn't resist taking a picture in front of this beautiful bougainvillea!

Saturday evening the four of us (Brian, Grandma, Tracy and I) dined at The Tasting Kitchen in Venice. We shared great food, good company and sang Happy Birthday to Grandma for the second time on trip.

Apple Cider Wings, Garlic & Sage Fries and Heirloom & Buratta Salad

We love entertaining visitors, especially when they are as gracious and generous as Grandma and Tracy were. We are so thankful to not only have the people we love see our neck of the woods, but to have such an awesome neck of the woods to show off!

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