Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brunch, Bedroom Remodel, and Sukkot

The fig tree outside of the Fairmont Hotel.

The Santa Monica Luskeys spent this past weekend a little bit differently than we've spent the past few weekends. First of all, we were in town - a concept with which we've grown unfamiliar. And secondly, we spent our work free days with friends we don't usually have the pleasure of seeing often: a double treat!

Friday evening, I was at work until 9:15pm so (needless to say) going out was on the very bottom of my "things I want to do tonight" list. Saturday morning, however, we were up with the sun (well, not exactly, but we didn't sleep late, I'll tell you that much) and spent some much appreciated time with Aunt Tracy. We got to talkin' about bedroom furniture and our desperate need for a larger bed was uncovered. I mean, Brian's 6'3" for Pete's sake! A queen just doesn't cut it anymore. Tracy (a feng shue guru) advised us to place our queen on a different wall, that way when we do upgrade to a king it will be easier to swap! And being a fan of the old furniture swap-a-roo, the wheels were turning before she finished her thought.

We enjoyed brunch with our friends Tucker & Tara who we met through Daniel, also in attendance. Below is a picture of my latte and mini baguette served in a paper bag with arugula butter as well as Tucker's camoflauged telephone case next to the coordinating place mat coincidentally designed by a friend of his Mother's!

After brunch, we came home and met our friends Erin & Chris (whose wedding we attended a few weeks ago) as they were in our area mid apartment hunt. After attempting to hard sell them on an open unit in our building and recruiting their muscles to help move our bedside tables, we cooled off with an afternoon trip to Menchie's.

The picture on the bottom is our new bedroom setup!
(For best results, please ignore the clutter.)

For dinner, we met back up with Erin and Chris and had an awesome double date at Manchego. We were expecting a third couple so we arrived armed with three bottles of wine, but when they cancelled at the last minute, we did our best to not let that vino go to waste. (And to be clear, yes, the four of us polished off three bottles of wine.) Oops.

Sunday was spent watching football and perfecting our newly arranged bedroom. We ventured out to Stevenson Ranch for dinner to eat in our friend's sukkah and were home, sweet, home and in bed by 10:00pm.

Man, we're gettin' good at this weekend thing.

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