Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh, The Places We've Been!

Our maps: matted, framed and hung on the wall!
(Click on picture to enlarge.)

Hooray!  We finally have some art on our walls!  Our newest art installation features five custom maps each representing a state in which we have lived during our ten years (and counting) of blissful togetherness.  These prints proudly hang in our dining room on the longest wall of our house.  This wall is visible from the moment you step into our home so we knew whatever made the cut had to be fabulous! We started discussing the idea of maps - possibly vintage, sepia style or black and white - from the start because we do feel so lucky and are so proud of having had the opportunity to have lived in so many wonderful places.   We wanted them to be unified in some way and illustrate the story of our relationship.

In my search for the perfect prints, I happened upon Preston's etsy shop, Ink of Me, and immediately fell in love with his creativity and use of bright colors (and his clever businessman move of showcasing each print in an already matted and framed proof allowing his potential customers to easily picture his pieces in their respective homes).  Genius.  I was instantly drawn to his wedding/anniversary typography poster that featured two names within the state of Texas and a celebratory date and location below.  This got me thinking about our own map quest and I knew I was headed in the right direction.  What if instead of our names inside of the state, he could somehow capture the state of our relationship in each state!  I sent him a message describing my idea and within the hour we were writing back and forth brainstorming together - a true artists' collaboration!  Preston was so patient and accommodating.  He would respond to my last minute changes at all hours of the day and night and even waited to receive a swatch I sent to him of our chair fabric so we could color match the images before printing. This is what our final order looked like:

First State Shape: Michigan 
Words: Where We Met
Below:  Ann Arbor, Summer 2002
Graphic:  Block "M" over Ann Arbor

Second State Shape:  New York
Words:  Fell In Love
Below:  New York, Spring 2004
Graphic:  Heart over Manhattan

Third State Shape:  Illinois
Words:  Got Engaged
Below:  Chicago, Fall 2007
Graphic:  Engagement ring over Chicago

Fourth State Shape:  California
Words:  Started Our Life Together
Below:  Santa Monica, Spring 2008
Graphic:  Tandem bike over Santa Monica

Fifth State Shape:  Texas
Words:  Lived Happily Ever After
Below:  Austin, Winter 2011
Graphic:  House over Austin

And I can't leave out Brian's favorite part of the project.  He obviously loves the prints and how they help tell our love story on the walls of our first home, but we all know his true passion... the price!

5 Custom Prints 8X10... $100  
5 Upgrades to 16X20... $50 
5 Black Wood Frames... $100   
5 Custom Cut Matts... $55 

A wall of custom, personalized art shipped, matted, framed and hung for $305?!  

What is your favorite piece of art that you own?

(More pictures coming soon!)

Disclaimer:  The above are my genuine feelings.  Neither Preston nor Ink of Me offered any sort of  discount or free product in exchange for my glowing review.  I honestly loved working with him and hope to order more of his creative art for our home soon.  

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