Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Go to Rose's... on me!"

Today I got a phone call from Jamie at precisely 8:30am. I could tell she was waiting until a somewhat reasonable hour in California to call which I appreciated. Luckily, I was on my way out the door and could chat during my morning commute. I love talking to Jamie for many reasons, one of which being the conversation jumps from topic to mid-topic so quickly that I have to be on my toes and actually listen, but the main reason being Jamie always brings me back to reality. Her sweet voice and innocent nature are not lost in the phone lines and when I am talking to her, I can see her little face in my mind; thinking and smiling and slapping her leg with excitement.

The other day when approaching the airport security line (she has a knack for calling in the most inopportune times) she said to me,

"Kimberly, I need to ask your advice about something serious."

I braced myself, "Yes, what is it?"

"Well, I wanted to ask your opinion about something...

(wait for it... wait for it...)

...I thought it might be time for me to get a new updated wardrobe and so maybe we could do this while we're both home for Shabby Chic."

"Sure, this sounds like a great idea!" I said, relieved that what was introduced as a serious heart to heart is incidentally a lighthearted chat about clothing.

"Maybe you could ask Mom to help us? Do you think that's a good idea?"

"Absolutely!" I said for two reasons: 1.) our Mom has exquisite taste and 2.) she will most likely be paying for this shopping spree.

"Alright. I gotta go. Love you!"

"I love you, too, Jamie."

This morning, as we wrapped up our morning conversation, Jamie added, "Go to Rose's... on me!" I couldn't help but smile all over as this statement was just so sweet. Rose's is about 345 miles away in Saratoga, California where Brian's family lives. Jamie has visited Saratoga (for Thanksgiving when we were all there together) but has not yet been to Santa Monica to see where we live. I think because she was in California she thinks she was where we live and often suggests activities in that area for us to do on weekends. This confusion, mixed with the fact that I don't think she knew what "on me" actually meant lead to the most adorable well-wishing. I knew what she was trying to say was, "Have fun! And think of me!"

So I will. And I always do.

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