Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She thinks I'm wonderful.

There is nothing like watching a dog watch you. Markley is so precocious and investigative yet, so credulous and uncomplicated. Everything is new and everything is great. This morning, while Markley watched me get ready from her favorite off-limits* carpet locale, I thought to myself, she thinks I'm wonderful. She sat, poised and ready as if I might ask her to curl the back of my hair or help me decide which t-shirt to wear. She watched me open each cabinet and slide each drawer closed, eagerly waiting to see which product was next to be unveiled. Like a flower girl watching a bride, I saw her memorizing my movements. She could have chewed her bone or chased her tail (two of her favorite pastimes) but she didn't. She wanted to be with me. There is nothing like loving a dog who loves you in return. She thinks I'm wonderful. And I think she's pretty great, too.

*That's right, folks, Markley's also extremely rebellious and although she's been told over one million times that her presence has not been requested in either of the carpeted bedrooms, she is just so darn cute I sometimes cave and allow her to defy me.

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