Tuesday, May 3, 2011


"BABY BOARDS by Kimberly" is a home business I started a little over a year ago for three simple reasons:

1. I love crafts.
2. I love babies.
3. I love being the boss.

I also love how Facebook ads tell me where I should be in my life. Four years ago, I noticed the left column of my homepage profile had begun to fill with ads for diamond rings and romantic restaurants. A few months later we officially took our relationship to the next level by changing our relationship status getting engaged and all of the sudden my sidebar ads changed to bridal bootcamp, floral design discount, and party supply rentals. Another relationship status upgrade later and lo and behold - puppy training classes, home decor, maternity wear. Another telltale sign of the times- profile pictures. We've all seen the profile progression - silly/girls night out, romantic date night/first trip together, beaming smiles and an upturned left hand showing off the bling, kissing while cutting the cake, first family portrait as a threesome (you, spouse, puppy). We all know what comes next... babies! And although I'm fine simply looking at other people's babies for the time being, I did notice a void that no Facebook ad was offering to fill.

I kept seeing young mamas posting pictures of their adorable babies with pathetic (no offense), handwritten, monthly birthday signs and thought, "Someone needs to make cuter signs for these babies!" And then I asked myself, "Why don't I just do it? I'm crafty! I like babies." I hightailed it to Michael's, made four prototypes, emailed a few mamas and asked if they would take pictures of their babies with the BABY BOARDS, ran to the post office, waited by my computer, constantly refreshing my email inbox patiently for the pictures and the rest is history!

So here's the scoop - BABY BOARDS is back after a brief hiatus while it's CEO moved across the country and now I need your help! For the month of May ALL BABY BOARDS will be FREE!! (Plus the cost of shipping = $5. Limit one per person.) All you have to do is follow these three easy steps:

1. Follow our blog!
2. "Like" the BABY BOARDS by Kimberly fan page!
3. Leave a comment on this post saying you've completed the task!

Call me vain, but I like knowing people are reading and enjoying this little online diary of mine. So if you like what you read - follow me! The fan page on Facebook also proves to be entertaining. While you're there, check out the adorable pictures sent in by BABY BOARD fans. (That's not a requirement to get a discounted BABY BOARD, but trust me, you'll want to.) It's hilarious to see the tiniest babies propped up looking so small next to their personalized BABY BOARD and so awesome to watch them grow month after month.

May is going to be a great month full of taking chances! Who knows... I might even fill out the application for that secret job I mentioned while complaining about my impatience. Either way, I'm excited to see the opportunities this giveaway brings!

Lovely doing business with you,


  1. love this! what a fabulous idea to get people enrolled in your awesome business. go you! p.s.- when are we having our next brunch/coffee date?

  2. Kimberly - I love your baby boards! I'm friends with Lindsay Gerstenhaber Seruya and I love the board you made for Alyse. She told me about your blog and site on facebook because I'm interested in getting a board for my niece that was just born. Please let me know how to go about doing that.
    Great work!

  3. Nicole - Thank you! Hopefully we can get together soon to catch up!

    Yael - Thank you for your interest in BABY BOARDS! Please email babyboards@gmail.com with the following information:

    1. Baby's Name
    2. Color Scheme (pink, purple, orange, blue, green)
    3. Theme (sports, flowers, animals, other)
    4. Mother's Full Name + Address (for shipping)

    Thanks, everyone!

  4. I love this idea! I am now a follower and liked your page on FB. My baby is due in September although we won't know the sex until then. Can I process my order then? BTW, I am friends with your sister-in-law Lizzy!


  5. Thanks, Rachael! I would be thrilled to make you a BABY BOARD once your little one arrives and will, of course, extend the the promotion since you are waiting to find out the sex. You are one patient Mama! Email me at babyboards@gmail.com once he/she arrives and I'll send it on over.

    ps. Your blog is great! I'm obsessed with BRAVO, too! :)

  6. Well...I posted a comment Tuesday night, but just noticed that it didn't show up! ANNOYING!!WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVED our Baby Board (as is evidenced by the ADORABLE collage you've got here...honored that our sweet Kern was your poster child!). Already e-mailed you--need 2 boards now and will need several more over the summer. xoxo

  7. Thank you, Annie! Already workin' on your BABY BOARDS! Thank you for our business and your adorable baby model! :)

  8. Your baby boards are ADORABLE. My sister, Yael, sent me the picture of the board you made for my daughter and we can't wait for it to arrive. I liked your page on facebook and would like to order a board for a friend's baby. I will email you the details. Thanks again for making such a cute board for Gali. - Nami