Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Hawaiian NewLifeMoon

Most married couples are lucky enough to go on a Honeymoon - the trip a couple takes as they begin their life together. Some even luckier couples enjoy the newly popular BabyMoon - the trip expectant parents take before they welcome their first baby into the world. And the luckiest of the lucky get to experience a NewLifeMoon - the trip a couple takes before they begin the next chapter of their already wonderful life together.

The Santa Monica Luskeys spent the last week in Maui. Once Brian accepted his new job and was given a start date, we knew we had a limited window to travel the world before buckling down and surrendering our vacations days to his work. Two of our closest friends - the Horns and the Nottberg/Buchbinders - had already planned to be in Hawaii during our golden opportunity window so the decision was easy. With the help of my uber-generous mother-in-law, we were planned, packed and flying to Hawaii within an 10 day span!

Here are some of the highlights of our trip:

After we landed, we hunted down this food truck.
Best decision of our lives.

Hawaiian Shrimp, Crab Macaroni Salad & White Rice.
I was literally drinking the sauce. Amazing.

Our first full day in Maui - drinks by the
followed by swimming in the ocean!

Aaah, paradise!
(And, yes, Mom, I see my horrendous posture.)

Brian and Dave were banished to the
ocean to discuss you-know-what. (Fantasy sports...


The First Triple Date Evening: Pacific'O

We went outside to take pictures while the sun was setting.

Brian, Scott & David.

Yup, that's goin' in a frame.

The Santa Monica Luskeys in front of
the coolest banyan tree ever!

Brian's, um, view by the resort pool.

View of Brian by the resort pool.

Paleness known to cause blindness in direct sunlight.

After a long morning of laying out by the pool,
we refueled at Eskimo Candy. Our order: Seafood Chowder,
Wasabi Poke & Coconut Shrimp/Fish'N Chips Plate.

Brian enjoying the poke!

Dinner at Mala - delish!

The team* also went snorkeling

(No pictures taken under water.)
*And by team I mean everyone else. I have an uncanny ability drink an unimaginable amount of ocean water when given a breathing apparatus through which I am supposed to be receiving oxygen. I'm just gifted in that way.

Oopsie. Did we go back to Eskimo Candy again? Whoops!

Dinner at Matteo's Pizza
(An excellent place to dine when needing a break
from seafood and heart-stoppingly high food bills.)

Takin' it all in...

Walking into the sunset. Hand in hand.
(Thank you, Rachel, for taking this!)

The silhouette's of the Santa Monica Luskeys.

Mai Tai and a beer, yes please!

Touring O'o Farms

Picking lettuce for our O'o Farms picnic lunch.

So proud of his selection!

Lunch at O'o Farms

Scott & Brian at the Lavender Fields.

Lavender Fields embrace.

How could we resist this picture?

How could we resist this goat
cheese sampler, ice cream and smoothie?

We had such a great time in Hawaii together and with our friends. We couldn't stop pinching ourselves because at this point in the game our live are completely unrecognizable from, say, two months ago. We are so thankful for so much - a Mom/mother-in-law who would do anything for us (including pulling some major strings to get us into one of the nicest resorts on the island at a rate we could actually afford and with zero planning time), good friends who would willingly travel with us and put up with our deal-hunting and review reading, the amazing Hawaiian food and views we were lucky enough to enjoy, and most of all the ability to appreciate each bite and step along the way.

Man, I hope we don't wake up from this dream any time soon!

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