Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shower for Baby Luskey!

The beautiful Mommy-to-be with her shower cake!

Two weekends ago, I traveled up to Santa Rosa (location of my bachelorette party and various other happy occasions) for my sweet sister-in-law's Baby Shower! I took the morning flight into Oakland where she picked me up and we drove to Santa Rosa for the noon shower. The party was intimate and girlie - everyone was so excited to celebrate the future addition to the Luskey family!

Does it get any cuter than a
black and grey leopard maternity dress??

Everyone grabbed a gift, opened it and shared it with the group!

After the baby shower, I got to be with my darling Ali Rae! We joked that we were fitting an entire day into 4 hours. First, we toured her adorable apartment, then we got coffee and a scone as she showed off her neighborhood, next we got manicures before finally returning to change for dinner.

Drink before dinner at Chez Pannise!

Gold leaf on our "Rothschild" Souffle

A golden tooth. Perfect.

The next morning we ate brunch at Rick & Anne's. Since it was such a popular joint, we enjoyed some Pete's coffee while we waited.

Of course, someone had to order the potato boat. And turn it into a boat. With a fork knife. And Splenda mast.

Rishi with his breakfast.
Makes me want to sing his favorite
Glee mash-up just thinkin' about it.

A wonderful weekend although I had to leave the other half of the Santa Monica Luskeys behind. We have had a busy November (hence the sporadic blogging) and an even busier upcoming holiday season. I promise to do my best to blog as much as humanly possible.

Career update: I am working full time now - WOOHOO! Good for me, bad for blogging.

More to come on that soon!

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  1. congrats on the job! where are you working these days?